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As the understanding of plant medicine deepens so does the quality and variety of our offerings. Work in our Certified Organic hemp fields is complete for the season, but not so the toils in our cGMP audited lab. It is my commitment in the following months and subsequent years to continue to provide you with new creations and solutions. Not for the sake of more, but because whether you have found it already or not, I want you to have what you need in your life.

New hemp extracts are now available, and it’s not just CBD anymore! I encourage you to stop by and sample our new CBG oil or any of the several new varieties of hemp I grew this year. Join me during these exciting times as we discover together the joy of what abundance and creativity bring.

I invite you to visit us year-round, online at our web store, in person at our brick and mortar “OMO The Apothecary” or to give a call anytime to get a quick answer to that simple or sometimes complicated question. WE are here for YOU.

-Forever Grateful, Dave